Niagara Falls council says yes to controversial development

After a four hour debate Niagara Falls council has approved changes to the city's official plan, paving the way for a major development.

The Riverfront Community development, which also includes Thundering Waters will be built around lands designated wetlands.

25 people spoke out against the one billion dollar development saying it will destroy the area's rich ecosystem.

But councillors say the project's Chinese developer has promised to preserve the wetlands and its unique features.

Council also passed 27 conditions, GR Investments must meet, in order to proceed with the mixed use development.

The gallery was packed for the discussion but there are some people questioning the motives of those who attended.

Kevin Jacobi, the man who caused a social media storm yesterday when reports surfaced that he was offering $50 to entice people to attend the meeting, addressed the allegations.

"It was brash, it was silly, and it was just stupid talk at a games store. And I do apologize for any muddying that - to GR Investments, my business partners, and any members of the council here. I do apologize for that."

Jacobi said it was never his intention to sway people to either side of the issue.