Niagara Falls councillor weighs in on new $12.3 million hub

Niagara Falls is moving forward with a new Farmer's Market and Cultural Hub.

Council approved a $12.3-million plan to build a new facility at Main and Ferry streets.

Councillor Carolyn Ioannoni says the project is intense, "it's far more than a market. It's a market, it's a culture hub, it will have a cafe, it will have an artist studio, a market in the hall, indoor and outdoor markets, woodworking studios, programmed events, it's going to have everything in it."

Ioannoni adds that the project will address one big concern: "The public wants what residents can use, not what the tourism industry can use. This is definitly an investment into our local arts and culture which has been telling us forever that nothing exists for them."

Construction on the facility could begin this fall.

To hear Ioannoni's full interview with Matt Holmes, click here.

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