Niagara Falls mom says cuts to OHIP means it costs her $600/month to feed her baby

A Niagara Falls mother is paying over 600 dollars a month to feed her baby following cuts to OHIP.

Kelsey Vettor has a 6 month old son with a milk protein intolerance who requires a prescription for a special formula.

She says they were covered under OHIP Plus previously, but since April 1st, cuts have been made for patients with a private insurance company.

Vettor says the issue is that her insurance company will not cover the cost at all, and she's left footing the bill.

The formula costs $67 per can, and her son needs 10 cans a month.

Vettor says she did try to get some help from Trillium, but they also can't cover the cost since her son is also starting to eat solids.

She says while she is lucky that she has her health, she's worried that some families aren't as lucky and these cuts to OHIP will mean serious consequences.

Niagara Falls NDP MPP Wayne Gates is taking Vettor's case to the Health Minister to try to find a solution.