Niagara launches bid for Brier

The Bring the Brier Bid committee announced they've officially submitted a letter of intent to Curling Canada. 

An event was held today for officials to declare their desire to host the major curling event.

The Brier Men’s National Curling Championship would bring 16 teams, coaches, families and fans from across Canada. 

Regional Chair Alan Caslin says this is an opportunity to show the world that Niagara is a winner when it comes to sports. 

"We're getting really good at establishing a template that works. Our volunteer base is there. Our funding base is there. Everything is falling in line to make Niagara a real sporting hub. "

Niagara has been the host to several notable sporting events previously.

Chair of the Bring the Brier bid committee, Doug Geddie mentioned the entertainment opportunities that comes with hosting the Brier. 

"We would like the help of the city and the downtown association in closing St.Paul, during the Brier, and creating Brier Town.  A winter street festival that will involve our downtown restaurants and pubs." 

Today they launched their website at:

Residents are encouraged to buy advanced tickets for $10 here.

Caslin says by purchasing now, it will show the enthusiasm of a committed fan base, and hopefully land us the bid.