Niagara mom speaks out after getting kicked off beach for shade tent

beach mom split

A Niagara-on-the-Lake mom is still in shock that she was kicked off Crystal Beach this past holiday Monday for having a tent.

Courtney Jackson posted the interaction on Facebook following the incident, and the post has over 1000 comments.

Jackson says she put up a tent shelter for her children to get some shade, and a man who didn't identify himself, told her tents were not allowed.

She says NRP officers then approached her and told her to leave.

She believes the first man was a by-law officer.

There are rules on the beach banning "any mounted material on supports."

Umbrellas with a centre pole no taller than 7 feet six inches with a shade diameter of 9 feet are allowed.

In the video you can see umbrellas on the beach tilted to provide shelter.

Police say the woman was asked to take the shelter down, and since she didn't comply she was asked to leave.

Jackson says on Facebook "To say that I’m rattled is an understatement. Taking a trip to Crystal Beach today was an irritable experience from the moment we walked up to the new gates. But being escorted out by the police, is something I nor my children would have ever dreamed would be a situation. I couldn't even tell you the list of rules you had to be aware of in advance to be able to be welcomed onto this public beach. I’ve spent many years of my life at this beach, so it was totally unexpected!"