Niagara MPP says Ford throws tantrum by invoking notwithstanding clause

The NDP critic for municipal affairs isn't mincing his words as Doug Ford prepares to invoke the notwithstanding clause.

Ford announced his plans to use the provision after an Ontario Superior Court Judge ruled against the Ontario government's bill that would have slashed the size of Toronto City Council almost in half only a few weeks before voters head to the polls.

Justice Edward Belobaba called The Better Local Government Act unconstitutional, saying it infringed on voters' freedom of expression.

"What he's done with invoking the notwithstanding clause is not reasonable and it's not respectful of our constitutional system," NDP Municipal Affairs Critic and Niagara Centre MPP Jeff Burch tells CKTB's Tim Denis.

Burch believes this is going to be an interesting week. "To invoke the notwithstanding clause for something like this in order to throw a tantrum because you lose a court case shows a level of arrogance and childishness I think that we haven't seen before."

He admits he was not surprised by the move. "Knowing Ford just from the last couple of months in the legislature that's the most heavy handed bully tactic that you could possibly do, so I kind of anticipated that that's what he might do."

Ford has also announced plans to appeal the decision.