Niagara Parks Commission plans replacement for historic bridge

A historic bridge in Niagara will be going under construction this month.

The Niagara Parks Commission has hired Rankin Construction to begin work to replace the aging structure of Ussher's Creek bridge starting on October 15th.

When finished, the $1.4 million Ussher’s Creek Bridge Replacement Project will maintain the heritage feel of the bridge, while adding in new bike lanes providing connection to the Niagara River Recreation Trail.

During construction, a full road closure will be in place for the Niagara Parkway between Edgeworth Drive and the first residential driveway south of the bridge (8787 Niagara Parkway).

The road closure is expected to last until April 1st, with the project wrapping up sometime in early 2019.

Niagara Parks and Rankin Construction staff have begun visiting residents to let them know of the project and to survey properties.

The bridge was originally called 'Street's Creek' and the waterway below was the site of the historic encampment of close to four thousand American troops before the Battle of Chippawa in July of 1814. The first formal bridge over Ussher's Creek was built by Niagara Parks in 1911.