Niagara Police Chief says marijuana legalization is a 'monumental undertaking'

Niagara's Police Chief says they will be ready for marijuana legalization.

In an hour-long segment with CKTB's Tom McConnell, Niagara Regional Police Chief Bryan MacCulloch gave his thoughts on the impending legalization of marijuana.

The legalization, which was originally scheduled for July 1st, has been pushed back 8-12 weeks after legislation passes.

With around 69,000 uniform police officers in Canada, 706 in Niagara, he says they will all have to be trained on the new legislation.

He calls this a "monumental undertaking".

MacCulloch adds that one of their main responsibilities when legalization happens will be to educate the public.

He says they will be ready.

Legalization will come with a few challenges though. 

MacCulloch says the main challenge will be how to tell how much marijuana a person has on them.

The legislation says they will be allowed 30 grams. What does 30 grams look like? How will officers figure this out?

Another challenge, says MacCulloch, is the impaired driving component.

At this point, they don't have an approved screening device.