Niagara Region CAO contract pays out $1M if fired

Niagara Region CAO Carmen D'Angelo would be paid a $1 million payout even if he were fired with cause. This news is the latest in the unfolding drama at the Region following a months long investigation by the St. Catharines Standard. 

CKTB sources have confirmed that the contract contains an unusual termination clause seeing D'Angelo recieve his full salary and benefits for 36 months should he be fired for any reason. 

Regional Chair Alan Caslin reveiled at council last week that he unilaterally extended D'Angelo's contract. Caslin also added an optional extention as well as an additional year extending it to November 2022.

Under the terms of his original 2016 deal, D'Angelo is paid $230,000 annually plus benefits, a $800-a-month car allowance and six weeks vacation. The three-year deal was set to expire in 2019, with an optional two-year extension that needed the approval of regional council.

Caslin has since apologised to council stating he thought he was doing the right thing. Council has asked to hire an external lawyer to advise them on the validity of the contract as it was not approved by council. The request is specific that the lawyer not have ties to Caslin or D'Angelo. 

Responding to calls from the region the Ontario Ombudsman Paul Dube annouced on Thursday that  he is investigating D'Angelo's hiring and contract.