Niagara Region Police Association raises cannabis concerns ahead of municipal election

The Niagara Regional Police Association is raising concerns about cannabis going into the municipal election.

President of the Association Cliff Priest says the police need more training to prepare for legalization.

Although legalization is a federal issue, Priest says it is up to provincial and municipal governments to ensure adequate funding for training is available for officers.

"There will be growing pains and there will be times that we will need more resources and we just want people to be aware of this and ask the appropriate questions."

Some of the major areas of concern revolve around impaired driving and community safety.

This comes as Toronto Police officers are told they cannot use marijuana within 28 days of a shift.

Priest tells CKTB's Larry Fedoruk no such stipulation is in place for Niagara officers at this point.

"I know the chief is working on a policy. We've been chatting with the chief and senior staff about a policy, and really I can't say much more on that."

Recreational cannabis will be legalized throughout Canada on October 17th.