Niagara Region releases new online video series about recycling

The ‘Recycling Matters’ youtube series takes a humorous approach to educate residents.

Even with Niagara’s great Blue/Grey Box participation rates, the Region says there is always room for improvement.

The videos, developed with Improv Niagara, take a light hearted approach to addressing how to correctly dispose of these items in order to improve efficiency and material quality at the Recycling Centre. 

By properly sorting recyclable material and minimizing contamination, Niagara Region is able to generate greater revenue from the sale of recyclable materials which offsets the overall cost of all waste management programs for the taxpayer. 

There are a total of 6 videos in the series, and one video will be released on the Region's Youtube page each week during the month of May, into June.

The first video takes aim at the proper disposal of aerosol cans.

You can see it here: