Niagara Regional Council meets amid controversy over hiring practices

It could be a very long night for Niagara's regional councillors tonight.

There has been a growing chorus of calls demanding  an investigation into the hiring of the Region's current CAO Carmen D'Angelo.

Niagara Falls council this week agreeing to a request the region complete a review of the hiring process before the October municipal elections.

The move comes after a months long investigation by the St. Catharines Standard that alleges a list of candidates vying for the CAO's job was leaked to D'Angelo before he was hired for the job.

Falls Mayor Jim Diodati says something clearly went wrong and to make sure we have something in place to stop this kind of "nonsense" because its not the way you attract top talent.

St. Catharines mayor Walter Sendzik, Pelham Mayor Dave Augustyn and Regional Chair Alan Caslin also calling for an investigation.

However, Caslin would not comment on when council will deal with the issue, only saying they will look at the options tonight.