Niagara regional council to finally debate repercussions of pornographic email

A long awaited report looking into a pornopraphic email circulated from Regional Councillor Andy Petrowski's account is finally up for debate at Regional Council this week. 

The report by Integrity Commissioner Edward McDermott found that Petrowski contravened the Region's Code of Conduct with respect to the email transmission from May of 2017 containing the image of a nude woman. 

McDermott's report calls the action "one of the most damaging actions a person in a Councillor's role could commit  as it brings the reputation of Regional
Council into public disrepute. Such conduct cannot be tolerated and any penalty adopted by Council should contain a significant deterrent component which will dissuade Councillor
Petrowski and others who are subject to the responsibilities contained in the Code of Conduct from engaging in such activities.

His report recommends that Councillor Petrowski's pay be suspended for 30 days. 

Speaking on CKTB's Roundtable Chair Alan Caslin was asked whether the punishment was appropriate. 

"I think my personal opinion is less important than council's opinion as a whole.  Obviously it's unacceptable what's taken place and obviously it's a serious concern and deserves a serious punishment" 

Councillor Petrowski has always maintained that he did not send the email and claimed an unidentified individual using his iPad was responsible. 

McDermott's report indicated that excuse cannot absolve a Councillor of responsibility.