Niagara Regional Police release latest list of suspected impaired drivers


20 names on this week's list of suspected impaired drivers in Niagara. 

Niagara Regional Police compiled the list between August 19th and September 1st. 

Christopher S. WRIGHT 28 years, Kenmore NY
Justin JOLLY 22 years, Hamilton 
Michael V. MACNEIL 49 years, Welland
Kyle M. PAINE 22 years, St. Catharines
Todd D. BLAIR 53 years, Niagara Falls
James M. BEAUPRE 25 years, Niagara Falls
Teresa A. SOYTAROGLU 50 years, St. Catharines
Shannon R. SCHWAB 50, Fort Erie
Ryan A. MCCONNELL 35 years, Fort Erie
Lee J. B. KRAWTCHUK 31 years, Oshawa
Karen F. DAY 65 years, West Lincoln
Satoru OGAWA 52 years, St. Catharines
Trevor J. CHAYTOR 37 years, Pelham
Alexander KARNER 56 years, St. Catharines
Iain R. MCDONALD 44 years, Beamsville
Susan L. ROSS 62 years, Niagara Falls
James D. FERNICK 24 years, Grimsby
Gabriel GOMEZ VELA 26 years, Oakville
Korry K. S. CAMPBELL 30 years, St. Catharines
Jacquelyn S. FRANKOWIAK 29 years, St. Catharines

The Niagara Regional Police Service is committed to reducing impaired driving offences through education and the apprehension of offenders through enforcement programs like R.I.D.E. 
Impaired driving is still the leading cause of criminal deaths in Canada and destroys thousands of lives every year.