Niagara's first legal cannabis store opens in St. Catharines today

Niagara's first legal cannabis pot store will open this morning.

Co-Owner of the Niagara Herbalist Kevin Trethowan confirms the Lakeshore Road store in St. Catharines will be up and running by 9 a.m. this morning.

"We are expecting quite a big line. We've just said to our staff today and tomorrow, it's just going to be a frenzy so we're just going to take what comes, and I guess we've just got to roll with it."

Trethowan says they also recognize some people are still a little wary about the idea of cannabis, and they've built a special room for people to ask questions. "We do have what we call an education room, so if someone wants to come in and they want to talk about a product or something, we have what we're going to call a safe space to go behind a closed door." He adds, "It's just somewhere for people who are nervous, that don't really want to talk about it in front of people. It's a place for them to go where they can have a nice, easy chat with one of our staff members."

One of the problems that has plagued the online Ontario Cannabis Store is supply. "We're not too concerned about running out on the first day." Trethowan says. "It is something that is at the back of our minds, and if we do, it's good for business I guess."

Meanwhile Choom Cannabis in Niagara Falls still doesn't have full approval from the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario as they await the results of the public consultation period.

They aren't alone - 12 proposed stores in the province are still awaiting approval.

Two licence holders haven't submitted plans at all.