Niagara’s household income not keeping up with inflation: report card

A report card on Niagara's economy.

Niagara's manager of economic research and analysis Blake Landry says Niagara is doing great when it comes to growth

Landry says Niagara is out-pacing the province in terms of our rate of GDP growth. Ours grew by 9% from 2015-2018, whereas the province's grew by 5%.

Our job creation numbers are up, says Landry. Our investment levels are also very good, for residental and non-residental construction.

Landry says we're seeing unprecendented levels of investment.

However, our household income per capita is not growing as fast as inflation, says Landry.

He's hoping seeing new construction on the rise in the region will hopefully result in new higher paying jobs in Niagara.

Laundry conducts an economic review of Niagara  each spring when new reports become available.

He made a presentation to the planning and economic development committee.