Niagara's mayors send out letter as PC's review local governance across Ontario

A letter has been sent out from Niagara's mayors following news that the Ford government is reviewing of local governments across Ontario, including Niagara.

The review includes eight regional municipalities including Niagara, Halton, York, Durham, Waterloo, Peel, Muskoka District, Oxford County, and the County of Simcoe and their lower tier municipalities.

A total of 82 municipalities will be looked at and the province hasn't ruled out the possibility that some could be amalgamated.

The review will focus on three main areas: governance, service delivery, and decision-making.

Today, a letter was sent out on behalf of Niagara's 12 mayors.

It states that Niagara's mayors are united in support for improving governance, transparency and accountability in local government.

Statement from Niagara Mayors

February 4, 2019

Niagara’s Mayors are united in support for improving governance, transparency and accountability in local government. It has been nearly 50 years since Niagara Region was formed and our communities, economy and the populations we serve have changed significantly in that time. With change comes opportunity, and we agree with the provincial government that there is room for improvement in the way Niagara works.

We share the same goals in this review: to make it easier to access services, create more efficient local government, reduce duplication and be open for business. We also agree that there are a number of ways to achieve these goals and we expect that local voices and local solutions will truly be considered.

We are already working together as Team Niagara to be open for business and attract investment, jobs, and economic development. Many local agencies and municipal services are already working together to find efficiencies and reduce duplication. We are working together to build an integrated transit system that works for all of Niagara. And we know we can do more. As Mayors, we will work together to ensure that Niagara is given an opportunity to present made-in-Niagara solutions through this regional governance review.

Niagara’s Mayors, Dave Bylsma, Mayor of West Lincoln

Jeff Jordan, Mayor of Grimsby

Frank Campion, Mayor of Welland

Marvin Junkin, Mayor of Pelham

Jim Diodati, Mayor of Niagara Falls

Wayne Redekop, Mayor of Fort Erie

Betty Disero, Lord Mayor of Niagara-on-the-Lake

Walter Sendzik, Mayor of St. Catharines

Sandra Easton, Mayor of Lincoln

Bill Steele, Mayor of Port Colborne

Kevin Gibson, Mayor of Wainfleet

Terry Ugulini, Mayor of Thorold