Niagara's tourism industry could be getting a boost

Niagara Regional Council will be voting on a motion today that will call on the Federal Government to reinstate the Visitor Rebate Program.

In 2007 the former Conservative government scrapped the program that offered visitors a rebate on sales tax.

The process required tourists to keep their receipts, have them approved by a border agent, and then mail them in to recieve the rebate.

Earlier today CKTB’s Matt Holmes spoke with Sebastian Prins, Director of Government Relations with the Retail Council of Canada.

He says many local retailers were unhappy when the rebate program went away.

Niagara Falls continues to see record numbers of tourists visiting the city, despite a new report by the Retail Council of Canada that says the region has lost nearly $600 million of potential tourism revenue in the past decade.

Prins is hoping that if and when the program comes back, the process will be streamlined to make purchases even easier for international shoppers.