NIAGARA VOTES | Four-way race for mayor of West Lincoln

Taxes, growth, roads and transportation.

Those are the issues that concern residents in West Lincoln according to mayoral candidate Douglas Joyner.

Speaking with CKTB's Matt Holmes, Joyner says as growth continues in the urban area of Smithville that's going to alleviate some of the pressures in the country.

Joyer, who is seeking re-election, says growth is inevitable.  He says West Lincoln is the third-fatest growing municipality in Niagara.

But in order for that growth to be sustainable Joyer says an another urban boundary expansion is necessary.

He says the growth target is 10,000 people for Smithville.

Joyner says he hears everyday, "it would be nice to have a second grocery store, it would be nice to have a franchise burger joint."

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There's a political newcomer in the mayor's race in West Lincoln.

Paul Wiebe tells CKTB's Matt Holmes  he never wanted to get into politics but feels he has to.

Wiebe says "there are persistent issues that need my attention."

They include a new strategy for the elderly and less fortunate and to address spending habits in the muncipality and make the cuts needed.

Wiebe would also like to see more transparency in local politics and uses the recreational centre as an example

The longtime West Lincoln resident says people in the community didn't know about the costs of the project.

He says "instead of buying the station wagon that we all needed, our mayor went out an bought the Ferrari."

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David Bylsma, a town councillor is also running for the Mayor's seat.

Speaking with CKTB's Matt Holmes, Bylsma says he's concerned about the development of the community. He says if it isn't checked "we'll make some of the mistakes that we've seen in surrounding communities" and become  a bedroom community or "incomplete."

Bylsma says he wants industrial and commercial growth to happen at the same time.

He wants to avoid traffic and infastructure problems that happen when small communities grow too fast.

Bylsma points to the new recreational facility which he says has plunged West Lincoln into 30 years of debt.  He says the scope of the facility was too large for the small muncipality.

The mayoral hopeful asks, "are we going to change ourselves, who we are as a small rural community to make ourselves more attractive?  Or, are we comfortable in our own skin?"

Bylsma also says he's worried that West Lincoln will grow too fast, like Grimsby and Binbrook, and rural residents will get left behind.

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Also looking to become the next mayor of West Lincoln is Joann Cheechalk  who says people are looking for change.

She tells CKTB's Matt Holmes the last eight years have been focused on "divisive" issues like turbines and the recreational centre.

The local councillor says people want solutions.

With the large agricultural sector, she says farmers are looking for a plan that will encourage development for rural residents and address what's needed in the urban hub - things like senior centres, rec centres and libraries.

Cheechalk says another area of concern is regional government.  

When knocking on doors, she says residents are telling her they are disappointed with everything from garbage collection and other services to the CAO controversy.

Cheechalk believes she has the leadership to bring the community together.

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