NIAGARA VOTES | Lincoln voters have two choices when voting for Mayor

Residents in Lincoln will have two choices when voting for Mayor in this month's municipal election.

Current Mayor Sandra Easton is running for a second term against former councillor and grape grower Rob Condotta.

Easton joining CKTB says she has influenced productivity levels at town hall and witnessed wonderful results such as job creation.

She says Lincoln has proved it is open for business by bringing in new companies.

Easton says voters should re-elect her because she is not afraid to risk being unpopular by tackling tough issues.

When it comes to the controversial happenings at the Niagara Region, Easton says it's a major disappointment.

She says the biggest issue is government in Niagara and clearing up the issues that have crept up.

To hear Easton's interview with CKTB click here.

Condotta, who challenged Easton in the last municipal election says he is running because spending in the town has ballooned and it's time to be more fiscally responsible.

He thinks capitol expenses have increased significantly and town taxes have increased drastically.

Condotta says at the end of the day he wants to know if Lincoln residents are getting bang for their buck.

He says Mountain Road is a disaster and the town needs to focus on attacking the density of development and help get people moving in the town.

Condotta says the "gong show" at the region is embarrassing and he has never seen anything like it.

He says the way they treated Regional Councillor Bill Hodgson at the NPCA makes him sick and he would fight to protect the integrity of the town and it's elected officials.

To hear Condotta's interview with CKTB click here.

Lincoln residents will be able to vote online this year. For more details on how to cast your ballot click here.