NIAGARA VOTES | Pelham voters will be selecting a new mayor this month

Pelham residents will be voting in a new mayor this month.

Current Mayor Dave Augustyn has decided to run for regional council.

Three candidates are running for the job including retired dentist and Councillor Gary Accursi, former business owner Carla Baxter, and former Councillor Marvin Junkin.

Accursi joining CKTB saying he decided to run for the job after Augustyn announced he would be running for Regional Council.

He says a void will be left in leadership and he is the person to lead Pelham for the next four years.

He says Pelham Council has acted 'aggressively' when it comes to development for the past few years and it's time to take a pause and reap the benefits of its investment.

To hear Accursi's interview click here.

Baxter she says the town is too interested in development and not spending enough time dedicated to the citizens of Pelham.

She says doesn't have a personal agenda, she just loves her community and wants the best for it. 

Baxter's main goal is to get the trust of residents back by being fiscally responsible.

To hear Bacter's interview, click here.

CKTB had scheduled an interview with the remaining candidate Marvin Junkin at 1:05 today, but we were unable to reach him.

On his website he says he was voted on Council as a representative of Ward One in 2014 and served three years of his term before resigning in November of 2017 because of serious ethical concerns he had concerning the current council’s actions.

He says his main goals are to curb careless spending of taxpayer money and out of control growth in local government.