NIAGARA VOTES | Three candidates for Mayor in NOTL with different views on retail cannabis stores

Three people are hoping to become the Lord Mayor of Niagara-on-the-Lake.

Incumbent Lord Mayor Patrick Darte is hoping to keep his seat but is being challenged by Betty Disero and Daniel Turner.

All three candidates were asked about the upcoming legalization of marijuana on October 17th, and had different views on how to tackle the issue.

Darte telling CKTB the community needs to have a retail outlet so citizens can easily access it, if they desire.   

To hear the full interview with Darte, click here.

Disero, a current town councillor in NOTL and former 18 year Councillor in Toronto says her first intention on the provincially imposed January 12th deadline to make a decision on retail stores is to opt out.   

To hear the full interview with Disero, click here.

Turner, a graduate from Brock University in Economics says the community needs to have an open discussion to see whether it is something the town wants to have but adds he doesn't see it being a necessity for the town.  

To hear the full interview with Turner, click here.

Voters go to the polls in Niagara-on-the-Lake on Monday October 22nd.