NIAGARA VOTES | Three-way race for mayor in Fort Erie

It's a three-way race for mayor in Fort Erie

Wayne Redekop is seeking re-election as Mayor of Fort Erie and hopes to build on what he calls the "success" of the last four years.

He says council has  accommodated new business and developers by streamling the process they must go through to build.

Redekop says "we have a lot of things going on," including new businesses moving into town and providing jobs.

In fact, he says, over the past four years  more than  $100 million dollars has been invested in infastructure at both the regional and municipal level - money that was generated from the province and the region.

At the same time Redekop says they're trying to manage the growth and retain natural heritage features.

He calls it a "unique opportunity" to blend the two.

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Meantime, candidate George Jardine says the people who are running the town "need to be booted out of office."

He says he wants to see people who are honest and have the best interests of the people, not  the interests developers.

The mayoral hopeful says the town has been run by a "business cabal" since 1983.

He says there's a lack of transparency and a disdain for the municipal act among politicians.

Jardine says they act like the "Republic of Fort Ere not the Town of Fort Erie."

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CKTB's attempts to reach the third mayoral candidate Stephen Passero were unsuccessful.