NIAGARA VOTES | Welland voters have 3 options for Mayor

The race for the Mayor's seat in Welland has been an interesting one to watch.

This weekend, CKTB's Matt Holmes spoke to all three candidates vying for the job.

Tensions between incumbent Mayor Frank Campion and David Clow have prevented the two from debating in a public forum.

Campion says Clow displays disturbing activity and he has decided not to participate in debates with him.

The Mayor says he is happy to do any type of question and answer session, but is not interested in debating with him given his past explosive behavior.

Campion says he has a very busy schedule and he needs to campaign face-to-face with voters.

When asked if not participating in a debate would hurt his campaign, he says he doesn't think so.

To hear Campion's interview with CKTB click here.

Clow, a 41 year old activist says Campion explodes whenever he sees him because he is afraid to answer questions about his involvement with the NPCA.

To hear his interview with CKTB click here.

Clow admits to secretly taping Campion in August of 2017 saying he had to do it given the NPCA Board's history of suing citizens.

He says Campion is the corrupt link between the NPCA, the Niagara Region and Welland City Council.

To read more about the audio tape click here.

Campion says he is open and transparent and has nothing to hide.

Campion says his main priorities are fighting for the Welland hospital and job creation.

Clow thinks it's time to start fresh at Welland City Council and end the hidden voting and back room deals.

He says many Welland voters are concerned about Campion's absence at debates and it's time for him to face tough questions in a public forum.

Also running in the Rose city is Steven Soos, a 24-year-old District School Board of Niagara support staff worker.

Soos says if his opponents can't play nice in the sandbox he will rise above and continue to represent the interest of local residents.

He says he will willing to answer any questions residents have.

Soos says it's unfortunate to have an incumbent Mayor who will not debate, and another candidate who does not have the temperament to be a Mayor.

He thinks the beef between the two candidates have overshadowed the race.

Soos says he is more than willing to debate Campion one-on-one if he doesn't want to participate with Clow.

Soos platform includes making Welland a world class destination by smart growth of canal lands and brown fields.

You can hear his interview with CKTB here.