Nick Nero gets 25 years for Little Italy murder

Four men convicted of executing John Raposo, including Niagara Falls drug kingpin Nick Nero, on a Little Italy patio in Toronto have now been formally sentenced.

Yesterday, court heard Raposo was killed by fellow drug traffickers because he was seen as a "rat" and that they wanted to keep a shipment of cocaine to themselves.

Three of the four, including Nero, tried to get their convictions tossed over their right to a speedy trial.

It has been five years since John Raposo was gunned down.

The judge, however, rejected their argument.

Justice Robert Clark told court that the murder was heinous, that the potential for harm was enormous because the  execution was carried out in a public place.

For the first-degree murder conviction, the men automatically get a life sentence with no chance of parole for 25 years.

Nero is already serving a 22 year old sentence for his role in an international drug smuggling ring.