Not all medicinal marijuana is created equal

Medical pot is becoming increasingly mainstream and health experts are urging doctors and patients to consider the serious side effects linked to the various ways of consuming the drug.   

Paul Farnan, an addictions specialist at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, says cannabis is damaging to lung health.  

He compares smoking marijuana for medicinal purposes to telling a patient to smoke opium for pain relief.   

Mikhail Kogan is the medical director of the Center for Integrative Medicine at George Washington University.  

He says he sees no reason for users of medical marijuana to smoke it anymore, in part because it's a relatively ineffective way of getting the drug into your body.   

Kogan calls smoking marijuana ``archaic,'' but says most people probably still smoke because that's what's always been done.    

Medical marijuana patients can specify what kind of product they want when they gov to licensed producers, and there are no restrictions on how they choose to consume it.