NPCA Board votes to scrap RFP process with Chair saying process has been compromised

A special Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority meeting was called today, and it was an interesting one.

Board Chair Sandy Annunziata informing the board that he's aware of alleged improprieties that have compromised the RFP process.

The board had issued a request for proposals for parties wishing to conduct an investigation into the NPCA's business practices.

Today, Annunziata says these recent developments means there is no confidence in the process.

He brought forward a recommendation asking that the board abandon that RFP process and reengage the Auditor General's office to help with the investigation.

The board unanimously approved that motion.

Annunziata did not reveal what had happened to taint the investigation, but he did say he would share that information with board members behind closed doors.

The NPCA agreed to the probe back in January after community members, 8 area municipalities and local MPP's joined calls for an audit of some alleged suspect business practices.

The province's auditor general offered to conduct the review free of charge but was turned down. 

At the time, Board Chair Sandy Annunizata suggested the auditor could be considered for the second part of the probe.

The deadline for submissions for the first part of the audit closed on April 9th.

You can watch the entire meeting here