NPCA interim board chair: 'democracy at the end of the day will have its say'

The interim board chair of the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority says he would like the board to stay on, but they accept the will of the people.

Earlier this week, The St. Catharines Standard reported Chair Dave Bylsma wanted the interim board to become permanent.

"I know it kind of came off like I was in conflict with Judge Ramsay or another of the other dialogues, it was only to kind of say we were working well, why muck with us? But I'm a politician, we go with the majority and democracy at the end of the day will have its say."

He does however note that some members of the interim board could come back to sit on a new board.

"If you talk to some of the other members of the Conservation around the region, I'm pretty confident I can quote Bill Steele says he's the guy. He's the mayor of Port Colborne, he's the guy who's going to represent Port Colborne on the NPCA. There's a few other members like that as well. I know Lincoln member Rob Foster has a strong desire to stay on, and there are others."

The interim board initially only supposed to serve for three months, but they did get an extension.

Meanwhile, a judge has also ruled Niagara is entitled to 27 members on the board, but does not need to necessarily appoint that many people.

Bylsma believes that would make the board too large, but noted the looming possibility of municipal amalgamation could change the makeup again.