NPCA to reimburse $1.2 million to Niagara Region

The Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority will be giving 1.2 million dollars back to the Niagara Region.

The money had beentied up as the Mining and Lands Commissioner Tribunal mulled over an appeal from Hamilton regarding the NPCA's levy apportionment.

The appeal was dismissed allowing the NPCA to reimburse all three municipalities in the watershed.

But not everyone on the board thought that was the best use of the money - board member and St. Catharines Councillor Bruce Timms suggested some of that money could be used for conservation work.

"There's $265,000 worth of deferred capital projects that we could, at the very least, retain that much out of the 1.2 million from Niagara."

Timms suggested offering the money to the region, while providing the alternative to use the money for conservation projects.

NPCA chair Sandy Annunziata, decided Timms' amendment out of order, stating, "I would suggest putting caveats on how the money is spent is probably inappropriate at this time, but I respect your opinion."

The board eventually voted 8 - 3 in favour of reimbursing the municipalities.