NPCA won't pursue an appeal and is ready to move on

The Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority says the total cost of a lawsuit filed against the NPCA was $146, 757.62 

In November, a judge dismissed a $100,000 lawsuit against retired Air Force major Ed Smith filed by NPCA and a $100,000 suit jointly filed by its former CAO, Carmen D’Angelo.

On Monday, Board Chair Sandy Annunziata told Fort Erie town council chances were slim their costs would never be made public.

However, the NPCA board made a unanimous decision today to release those figures. 

Speaking to CKTB's Larry Fedoruk, Annunziata says the award the court made to Smith to pay his legal fees, which is in excess of $130,000 dollars, will be an addition to their fees paid. 

As for an appeal,  Annunziata says the board is not interested in pursuing one and is done with the situation and ready to move on.