NRP Board Chair demands apologies in defending former chief retirement settlement

Niagara's Police Board Chair is demanding apologies after an attempt to defend the recently disclosed retirement settlement paid to former NRP Chief Jeff McGuire. 

Earlier this month, the police board disclosed a retirement deal with McGuire that cost taxpayers in excess of $870,000. 

In a prepared statement to regional council, Bob Gale demanded an apology from St. Catharines Mayor Walter Sendzik who initially called the deal "shocking mismanagement".

Gale also demanded apologies from former NRP Deputy Chief Joe Matthews and the Police Association President Cliff Priest for statements they made about the deal to the media. 

Gale also indicated he has not received many complaints saying he personally received only two emails and two emails to the NRP board. 

St. Catharines Councillor Tim Rigby says a lot more people have contacted him and he asked for answers.  

Gale however said he can't and won't answer any further questions about the matter. 

Fort Erie Mayor Wayne Redekop says he was disappointed that something of this magnitude was not brought to council's attention.

"We didn't have the facts, we didn't have all the facts,I don't think this was completely transparent and I do think it was disingenuous"  said Redekop. 

McGuire responding to the demand for apology from Matthews on Twitter this morning tweeting  "My colleague @DeputyMatthews is a long time police leader who is highly respected across Niagara, Ontario & Canada & he continues to serve the community as a tireless volunteer. Thanks Joe. "