NRP charge 19 people with impaired driving

Niagara Regional Police have released their latest list of suspected impaired drivers.

19 drivers make the list covering September 4th - 10th.

The following individuals have been charged criminally with impaired driving by alcohol or drugs, driving with a blood alcohol concentration above 80 mgs of alcohol in 100 ml of blood, or refusing to provide a breath / blood sample. 

Willie JONES 52 years, Buffalo NY
Taylor V. WAINMAN 22 years, Fort Erie
John H. HEINEN 43 years, Grimsby
Garry COOMBS 62 years, Burlington
Jacob J. MARTIN 21 years, Cambridge
Samuel R. YALOWICA 70 years, St. Catharines
Patrick C. HOEKSTRA 60 years, Fort Erie
Amber S. Y. YOUNG 22 years, Welland
Philip R. STRATTON 21 years, Port Colborne
Jacqueline GOODMAN 51 years, Niagara-on-the-Lake
James G. HAMILTON 60 years, Niagara Falls
Nathaniel KERANOVIC 28 years, Niagara Falls
Derek M. R. DUMELE 27 years, Niagara Falls
Lila D. MCDOUGALL 49 years, Niagara-on-the-Lake
James R. HEATH 54 years, Thorold
Sherry L. COWELL 59 years, Welland
Bong V. MAI 53 years, Niagara Falls
Andrew J. FORD 31 years, Cambridge
Gregory C. SMITH, Ohsweken