NRP Chief responds following second cop charged in Pelham shooting

Niagara Regional Police Chief Bryan MacCulloch held a news conference today following news that a second officer is facing charges in relation to November's cop-on-cop shooting in Pelham.

OPP announced this afternoon that charges have been laid against Constable Nathan Parker.

A fight broke out between the Constable and Detective Sergeant Shane Donovan while they were conducting a traffic investigation in the area of Roland Road and Sulphur Springs Drive.

The SIU charged Donovan with attempted murder, aggravated assault, assault with a weapon in March.

OPP, which held its own investigation into the case, announced today they have charged 52 year old Parker with assault, assault with a weapon, and resisting arrest.

MacCulloch says he requested the assistance of the OPP to see if there was any criminal culpability outside of the SIU's scope.

He says it's normal for a case like this to have a secondary investigation, but the NRP could not investigate it themselves as the incident involves two of their own officers.

"SIU's mandate kicks in when there is serious injury caused to individual as the result of the actions of a police officer", says MacCulloch.

He says the purpose of calling in the OPP is to see if there is any criminal culpability outside of that.

MacCulloch says this incident has had a profound impact on the police service and members, and adds that they are all still coming to terms with it.

You can watch the full conference below.