NRP Licence plate recognition technology locates stolen truck in St. Catharines


The Niagara Regional Police were able to find a stolen truck with the help of automatic licence plate recognition technology.

On Tuesday, an officer was alerted to a stolen truck by the system, known as ALPR.

Staff Sergeant Todd Waselovich explains how the system works.

"Our cameras are hooked up to a system that has a database that hooks up with the MTO and it will give information on licence plates that have expired stickers, suspended drivers, stolen plates, any infraction that would actually be attached to the licence plate. We drive down the road with the camera running, and it will give us an alert every time it hits a licence plate that has an infraction attached to that plate."

In this case the truck was originally stolen from St. Catharines on June 17 and the plates had been taken from a vehicle in Thorold on July 13th.

57 year old David Brewer of St. Catharines and 45 year old Nicole Kieley of no fix address are both facing charges of possession of property obtained by crime.