NRP officer cleared by SIU in Welland incident

A Niagara Regional Police officer will not be facing criminal charges as the Special Investigations Unit finishes up their review of an incident in Welland.

The SIU was looking into the case of a 45 year old man who arrived at hospital with a severe brain bleed following an arrest.

The report details the March 26th arrest at a Welland apartment where an aggressive 45 year old man smashed things, fell down stairs, and was knocked out by a resident as he tried to enter the resident's apartment.

Officers say when they arrived they found the bleeding man slowly regaining consciousness while vowing he was 'going to get' the resident who punched him. Police warned the man to calm down, telling him an ambulance was on the way. The agitated man tried to get to his feet and leave the apartment. An officer warned the man to calm down or the officer would use their taser. The man was hit with the taser as he tried to leave through the front door, but remained aggressive. The officer then used the taser a second time.

The man was then taken to hospital by ambulance.

The SIU says the amount of force used was appropriate given the circumstances.