NRP officer gives back to the trauma unit that helped save his life


A Niagara Regional Police officer is giving back to the burn trauma unit that helped to save his life.

Constable Phil Sheldon received third and fourth degree burns to 50% of his body while responding to a call of a disturbed man who doused his mother's home in gasoline and tried to burn down the home with the woman still inside.

After being stabilized at a St. Catharines hospital, he was flown to Hamilton General's Burn Trauma Unit where he underwent a series of skin grafts and worked closely with therapists.

Sheldon is now giving back as a Strides For the General Patient Ambassador.

On September 14th, he'll be taking part in the Hospital Foundation's ninth-annual fundraiser at Bayfront Park in Hamilton.

Money raised during the 5k walk and run is used to buy vital pieces of equipment.

Sheldon has also been sharing his journey with PTSD through his not for profit organization 'Refuse To Lose to PTSD.'

To register and fundraise visit: