NRP release latest list of suspected drunk drivers in Niagara

Niagara Regional Police issuing the latest list of suspected impaired drivers in Niagara.

19 drivers were charged between July 24th and August 6th. 

Michael BODAK 59 years, St. Catharines
David L. MARTIN 52 years, Fort Erie
Mark D. MCDOUGALL 60 years, West Lincoln
John P. PENNER 65 years, St. Catharines
Glen D. COX 57 years, Fort Erie
Jeffrey KRANEYK 45 years, Niagara Falls
Devontay O. L. JOSEPH 23 years, St. Catharines
Emily K. QUICK 20 years, Welland
Brian E. JAEGER 62 years, Niagara Falls
Julie F. VOOGT 48 years, St. Catharines
Peter G. HENLEY 69 years, Lincoln
John S. KEDZIERSKI 53 years, St. Catharines
Matthew S. WALTER 31 years, Stevensville
Brittany S. MCCOMB 29 years, St. Catharines
Thomas G. PINDER 70 years, St. Catharines
John M. QUINN 66 years, Thorold
Cody F. WALKER 27 years, Thorold
Carly J. YOUNG 20 years, Niagara Falls
Leonard J. ROMINGER 60 years, Welland

The Niagara Regional Police Service is committed to reducing impaired driving offences through education and the apprehension of offenders through enforcement programs like RIDE. Impaired driving is still the leading cause of criminal deaths in Canada and destroys thousands of lives every year.