Ombudsman's office clears Pelham

The town of Pelham has been cleared by the province's Ombudsman regarding an in-camera meeting. 

At issue was a September 5th, 2017 meeting in which former councillor Marvin Junkin alleged $17 million in debt was not disclosed on the town's financial statements. 

Junkin believed the meeting violated the provinces's open governance laws. 

A complaint was also made that council met informally after the meeting at a local restaurant. 

The province's ombudsman recently completed its report into both allegations and confirmed that the town did not contravene the municipal act on either count.

Mayor Dave Augustyn was pleased with the findings adding a recording of the the September meeting was made available to the Ombudsman's office which allowed them to hear first hand what transpired at the meeting. 

Not all municipalities tape their in-camera sessions. 

To read the full report on the investigation click here