Online voting begins for new Ontario Progressive Conservative leader

Ontario Progressive Conservatives have begun casting their votes online to pick a new leader who will guide the party through the province's spring election.

Hartley Lefton, chair of the party's leadership organizing committee, said the system appears to be working well and votes were starting to come in Friday morning.

Some of the four candidates vying for the top job had raised the alarm earlier this week about the possibility of membership fraud through the use of prepaid credit cards, as well as delays in getting members the information they need to access the voting system.

The Progressive Conservatives implemented a two-step system to verify the identity of voters, which requires party members to submit photo ID and wait to receive a special code in the mail.

But at least one of the campaigns said scores of members were still waiting for that document even as the voting period began.

Lefton said the party is aware of those concerns and is working to ensure all members have the opportunity to vote.