Only four of Niagara's beaches posted unsafe for swimming

CKTB - NEWS - Sandcastle Beach

If you're hoping to cool off at some of Niagara's beaches today, you're in luck.

It's going to be a hot and humid day with temperatures feeling like the mid- to high-30s by this afternoon.

At last check, only four of Niagara's beaches are posted as unsafe for swimming by Public Health: Nelles Beach in Grimsby, Charles Daley Park East in Lincoln, Nickel Beach in Port Colborne, and Lakeside Beach in St. Catharines.

The latest water level update from the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority shows Lake Erie remains at record setting levels (sitting at 175.18m, 16 cm above the record high set in July 1986), while Lake Ontario is starting to ebb (sitting at 75.85cm, 7 cm below the peak level set in June of this year).

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