Ontario Chamber of Commerce President apologizes for offensive tweet

The CEO of the Ontario Chamber of Commerce is apologizing for a New Year’s Eve tweet in the wake of a chorus of criticism calling him “tone-deaf.”

On New Year's Eve, Rocco Rossi tweeted out “Celebrating New Year’s the 1-percenter way! Let them eat cake” it was pictured with a pricey bottle of champagne and caviar. 

He  was quickly inundated with angry responses calling the post tacky, tone-deaf, and offensive.

Rossi has since deleted the tweet and issued an apology. 

Rossi says his New Year's Eve tweet was a bad attempt at satire and in retrospect was insensitive and caused offense.

The Ontario Chamber successfully lobbied the Ford government to scrap the planned increase of the minimum wage to $15 dollars that was to take effect New Year's day.