Ontario could foot whole $28.5B bill for Greater Toronto Area transit plan: Ford

Premier Doug Ford says that while the province hopes the federal government, the City of Toronto and York Region will chip in more than half of a $28.5-billion transit project, Ontario is willing to foot the whole bill.

Ford unveiled a plan today to expand transit through the city of Toronto and into the surrounding regions, and the province says it will contribute $11.2-billion.

He says the province has been in discussions with the three other governments about funding for the project, but says if need be, Ontario will shoulder the whole burden.

The plan includes a Toronto downtown subway relief line that will be twice as long as the one considered by the city, completed two years earlier and cost $3.7 billion more.

The Progressive Conservative government says the new 15-kilometre relief line will run from Ontario Place in the city's west to the Ontario Science Centre in the east.

The city's current plan for the relief line runs 7.5 kilometres from the subway line on Danforth Avenue to the line on University Avenue in Toronto's core.