Ontario drivers now able to use digital insurance slips

CKTB - NEWS - Rod Phillips Digital Insurance

Drivers in Ontario are now able to use an electronic vehicle insurance slip.

Finance Minister Rod Phillips made the announcement this morning, saying it only makes sense thanks to the popularity of cell phones and apps.

"These electronic insurance cards will feature sophisticated safeguards - they can't be edited or altered. It's also important to note features cannot be included that would allow anyone to track your location or collect, use, or disclose your data without explicit permission from you."

He adds there will be a one year phase in process, during which time insurers will issue both a physical pink slip and a digital version, if requested.

Starting today, drivers can choose whether to use the electronic version or stick with the familiar pink slip.

Officials say drivers will be responsible for ensuring their device can properly display the proof of insurance, regardless of poor signal, drained batteries or damaged screens.

Alberta, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland and Labrador already offer the digital option.