ONTARIO ELECTION | Doug Ford promises to save middle class taxpayers $780/year

It's day two of the official election campaign and PC Leader Doug Ford is laying out his tax plan.

Ford says he would implement a tax cut for the middle class if his Progressive Conservatives form government.

He says the measure would save taxpayers as much as $786 annually.

Ford says those earning $42,960 to $85,923 per year would benefit the most from the measure.

The promise comes after he announced last month a tax credit for minimum wage earners that would ensure they pay no provincial income tax.

He has also pledged other measures such as reducing hydro rates by 12 per cent, eliminating the cap-and-trade system brought in by the Liberals and a child care rebate of up to 75 per cent.

Ford kicked off the campaign yesterday by promising a new $5 billion for subways in Toronto and a general preference for underground transit.

He also promised to bring GO Train service to Niagara.

Ford will campaign in Niagara Falls on Monday night.

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