ONTARIO ELECTION | Doug Ford shocked by lawsuit filed by widow of late brother Rob Ford

Doug Ford says he is shocked by a multi-million dollar lawsuit from the widow of his late brother Rob Ford filed just days before the provincial election.

In a statement of claim, Renata Ford accuses Doug Ford, who was the trustee of her husband's estate, and his brother Randy of breach of trust and "negligent mismanagement" of the family businesses, which were started by their father.

It further alleges Doug and Randy Ford arranged for and received very significant compensation from the Deco Companies, including extravagant salaries, bonuses, travel and car allowances and other benefits, which were paid regardless of the financial performance of those businesses.

At the same time, Renata Ford alleges Doug Ford knowingly and deliberately put Renata Ford and her children in a "highly stressful and unfair financial position" after her husband's death in 2016.

"Those claims are false and without merit and I can tell you, this is going to be proven in court," Doug Ford repeated several times Tuesday while fielding questions from reporters.

The PC leader who has trumpeted his business experience ignored a suggestion that he release Deco's financial records to set the record straight. He insists the fight is not about the label company but about his niece and nephew.

"I'd do anything for those kids, and it's heartbreaking (Renata) wants to go down this avenue."

In a written statement issued Monday, Diane Ford, mother to Rob, Doug and Randy Ford spoke of Renata Ford's "serious struggles with addiction" and a hope that she would accept help.

Doug Ford does not see the declaration as its own kind of family betrayal.

"Fifteen years I've taken care of (Renata) both financially, personally. I've bent over backwards, broken down brick walls to take care of Renata," Doug Ford said.

Renata Ford was charged with impaired driving in late December 2016.