ONTARIO ELECTION | Gloves are off in Niagara Falls riding

Niagara Falls NDP candidate Wayne Gates is taking issue with some comments PC Leader Doug Ford and the local candidate made during a campaign stop yesterday.

Ford addressed a crowd of more than 200 at the Marriot on the Falls last night with Niagara Falls PC candidate Chuck McShane.

Ford telling the crowd he wants to "put a shovel in the ground for the new hospital."

McShane took aim at NDP incumbent Wayne Gates saying it’s unacceptable that nothing has come from the promises that Gates has made adding the Fort Erie racetrack is on life support.

McShane says if elected he will make more than just promises he will get results.

Gates says McShane has no experience and his comments show just how out of touch he is with the local community.

Gates says he has secured a 20 year funding agreement and boosted the number of racing days at the track.

When it comes to the new hospital in south Niagara, Gates says you just need to look at the Progressive Conservative's history when it comes to healthcare cuts and the NDP government is committed to seeing that hospital built.

Gates says he has worked hard to secure many different projects including the new hospital, GO Transit, the Niagara Falls entertainment complex, and securing the future of the racetrack.

Also running in the riding are Dean Demizio for the Liberal Party, and Karen Fraser for the Green Party.

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