ONTARIO ELECTION | Liberals criticizing Doug Ford's Smithville stop

The Ontario Liberals are commenting on Doug Ford's visit to a Smithville company today.

Ford will be visiting Stanpac packaging company in Smithville in the Niagara West riding.

The Liberals pointing out that Stanpac recently received $4.5 million from the federal government as part of their $45.6 million expansion of their facility.
In a news release the Ontario Liberal Party quoting Ford's comments to the Ottawa Citizen in March in which the leader said “I’m dead against corporate welfare.”
The Liberals say these are the kind of partnerships Ford says he would end.

The current governing party says when Ford is at Stanpac today he needs to be clear with the people of Ontario about how damaging his billions of dollars of cuts would be for Ontario’s economy.
Ford is currently in Niagara Falls making an announcement.

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