Ontario gathering feedback on legislation aimed at eliminating the gender wage gap

The Progressive Conservative government paused implementation last year of a law from the previous Liberal government that would require large employers to track and report compensation gaps.   

It would also require all publicly advertised job postings to include a salary rate or range, bar employers from asking about past compensation, and prohibit reprisal against employees who discuss compensation.   

Based on the most recent data, the gender wage gap accounting for the annual earnings of all workers is 29.3 per cent.  

Labour Minister Laurie Scott says the Liberals passed the legislation right before the election without any consultations, and people affected by the law wanted an opportunity to be heard. 

Some of the consultation questions ask companies how much time and money it would take to meet reporting requirements. 

NDP Leader Andrea Horwath says she is insulted by the questions, as they suggest that pay equity is red tape.