Ontario government loosening restrictions on VQAO eligibility


Some good news for Ontario wineries. 

Lisa Thompson the Minister responsible for Government and Consumer Services announcing reductions in the wine industry regulatory burden that she says will support growth in the industry. 

Among the regulatory changes, the Marquette hybrid grape variety has been added to the list of permitted grape varieties to be eligible for Vintners Quality Alliance Ontario approval.

Ontario wineries can also produce wines using grapes from different vintages, or harvest years, as it is now optional for them to label wines with the harvest year with the Ontario geographical indicator, a move aimed at increasing the choice of table wines available to consumers. 

Commenting on the latest government change, Niagara West Conservative MPP Sam Oosterhoff  says "the latest announcement by our government will ensure grape growers and wineries in Niagara have easier access to the growing number of consumers selecting Ontario VQA wines."