Ontario limits use of New York iron to push back against Buy American law

The Ontario government is pushing back against New York State's Buy American law by limiting public sector procurement with suppliers in that state.

A new regulation that took effect Sunday restricts government contracts with New York State suppliers, specifically when it comes to the use of structural iron.

In a statement Monday, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne says the move is a response to legislation that took effect in New York State this weekend requiring the use of American-made 
iron in certain government road and bridge construction projects.

Wynne says Ontario's regulation is meant to level the playing field, and will immediately be repealed if New York State abandons its Buy American restrictions.

Last month, Ontario legislators passed a law allowing the province to retaliate against any state that adopts Buy American provisions, calling it a necessary protection for the province's 
workers and businesses.

The opposition parties have panned the move as a reckless and desperate attempt to shore up votes ahead of the spring election.